With our sponsorship these girls are placed in reputed schools, all through their schooling years and further if they wish to.

The sponsorship provides not only academic support (tuition fees, books and stationary) that enables them to make a success of their schooling experience but also material support. This includes school bag, uniform, shoes, socks, as well as transportation fees from their residence to the school.

The selection is based on multiple parameters including current enrollment in schools, family and social background, and the child's aptitude.
Children's Day
On the bright sunny afternoon of November 13th, Shingora Family Foundation celebrated Children's Day with our "sponsored" girl children in the presence of their parents, in a fun-filled and frolic atmosphere! The Children's Day Party brought many smiles and much laughter to these young girls, games, dancing, prize distribution to the students who have shown best results in their academics and handing out of their winter uniforms. It was truly a beautiful and proud moment for the Shingora Family Foundation!
Distribution Ceremony
After successfully getting admission in the schools, each girl received a school bag, a set of books, uniform, shoes and stationary, in the presence of their proud parents.
Preparation Workshop
Workshops on preparation for the school interviews: grooming, posture, greetings and basic interview tips.
Interviews with Parents
Interviews with the candidates to assess the family background and the girl's needs, visits to their homes and interaction with the rest of the family.
Awareness Workshop
Workshops amongst economically challenged families to bring awareness on:
The need to educate their daughters.
Eradicate social evils.
Increasing discrimination between boys     and girls.