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“Shingora Family Foundation (SFF) was conceptualized and set up in the year 2013”

The program selects girls based on multiple criteria including enrollment in schools, family income, parent’s educational background, social background and the child’s aptitude. A comprehensive sponsorship is created to take care of a range of their educational requirements, providing not only academic support that enables them to make a success of their schooling experience but also material support. This includes uniforms, school bags, shoes, socks etc. to enable the girl child to go to school with dignity.


“To transform the lives and to provide quality education to the girl children of economically disadvantaged families.”


“In India, only 48% of school-age going girls has access to Education. Only 3 girls out of 10 who enter class 1 will complete class 10. This results in poor literacy and grim economic outcomes. ”

Girls are traditionally seen as an economic burden. In the past few decades, we have witnessed an increase in female foeticide, rapes and a gender imbalance in the Indian society.



We run projects Drawing Competition, Diwali Celebration, Dental Health Check-up, Children’s Day party, Feminine Hygiene Awareness Workshop

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Girl Child Education an Initiative

Girl Child Education an Initiative